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January 21st, 2013

The Turning by Francine Prose

I went to Barnes & Noble recently to buy a copy of The Fault in Our Stars for a school friend, and I decided to spend a bit of time browsing.  I wanted something new to read--I've not read anything besides fanfiction since the start of this past summer, and it was time to read an actual book--and decided on The Turning by Francine Prose.  I recognized the author's name, but only placed it when I returned home and Googled, discovering that Prose wrote After, a book I read back in 2008.  I remembred only half-liking After, but decided to read The Turning anyway.

The epistolary novel opens with Jack writing a letter to his girlfriend Sophie from the ferry that will take him to his summer job.  For the next two months, Jack will be looking after two children who live on a secluded island with no internet, no phone reception, and no television.  He's optimistic about the summer, if only because it's his one chance to raise enough money to attend college with Sophine once they're out of high school.

Once on the island, however, Jack's letters are filled with the strangeness of the house and the children there.  He speaks of unspoken secrets, of eerie dreams, of locked rooms and faces peering through windows.  And as his letters become more erratic and his days stranger, he's left to wonder: what secrets does this island keep, and what horrors is he about to discover?

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